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Wenhan Shao

An Illustrator based in Toronto

Born and raised in China, I have been interested in art since I was in

primary school. I chose to study in science field when I was in high school and got the chance to study art when I went to study aboard in Canada. Starting the art journey in Sheridan College, I firstly finished Art Fundamentals program and won The Sybil Goldstein Painting Award first place and then got into illustration in Sheridan College. Maybe because I chose science majors in high school, I always want to do something not only related to art, but also related to science. Therefore, I aimed to become a technical or information illustrator after I graduate. However, I love and enjoy to create something interesting in my free time. After adopting a dog in my third year, I think I became more mature and created some works about my dog. As I started to learn piano when I was four years old and flute when I was seven, music is also an important part of life and always helps me with my works. I traveled to a lot of places and always love to visit different art museums and learn about different culture, which I think contributes greatly to my work. 


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